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streamdota.com offers different tools to enrich your twitch stream with overlays, chat commands, and statistics.
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What features does streamdota offer?

A collection of overlays to enrich your stream with statistics and information

Vote System

Our vote system lets your viewers vote on a team. The votes are tracked on a top list and are fully accessible through chat commands

Gameplay Tools

Our gameplay tools show statistics about your daily progress and provide an automated overlay to hide your minimap.

Observer Tools

Our collection of observer tools provide in-depth game statistics that you can display live on stream.

How streamdota works?


Data is being sent to our servers from Dota-GSI, which is a solution by valve. You do not require to install any software. It is simply a configuration file.


Our server interprets your data, recondition it, adjusts the format, and sends it to your overlays and dashboard.

Display the data

A simple browser source in your streaming software lets you display the data. It will be said either automatically or with a single click in real-time.

Vote System

Group your votings into different seasons or categories. That way, you will never need to reset any settings.
Share a top list with other streamers and collaborate on a goal.
Quickly start your votings from our dashboard, by chat command, your stream deck, or automatically when the game begins.
Match the overlays to your streaming resolution with ease.
Votings are registered automatically as soon as your dota game is finished.
The vote system also supports streaming with delay.

Twitch Predictions NEW

Win Loss Overlay
Start predictions automatically with your dota games.
Predictions are resolving automatically once the game has ended.
Fully customizable texts for your prediction. Individual for playing or observing games.

Chat Analyses NEW

Analyze words or phrases fully automatically in your chat.
Start by just counting occurrences.
Determine the allover mood in your chat on specific topics with sentiment scoring.
Group words on one topic into one group that can be analyzed together.
View word clouds on commonly used words aside from specified words or phrases.
Win Loss Overlay

Chat Questions NEW

Display questions from your chat in your stream.
Define a keyword in your dashboard to listen on.
Listen also on tweets with a specific hashtag.
Match the overlay of your stream scene with ease.
Works excellent for streams with delay.

Gameplay Tool - Dota Win/Loss Overlay

The counter is adjusted automatically. You do not need to manually increase anything.
The overlay is updating within a second after your game is finished.
The overlay is only visible when you are playing dota. In case you are observing, it is hidden.
Match the overlays to your streaming resolution with ease.
Integrate your stats simply to chat commands.
Win Loss Overlay

Gameplay Tool - Anti Snipe Minimap

Win Loss Overlay
Hidden until you actually play dota. Hidden in pick screens, menus, waiting periods, or showcases.
Two types of minimaps to show either the base or not.
Adjust the opacity of your overlay with ease to show more or less to your viewers.

Observer Tool - Roshan Timer

Aegis countdown until it will expire.
Supports both Roshan timers, base, and variable countdown.
Define colors for each phase of the countdown.
Hidden when no counter is active, or dota is closed.
Roshan timer

Observer Tool - Draft Stats

Reference stats can be either a league or a whole patch (only pro games).
There is a dashboard mirroring all draft events with an easier oversight.
Also optimized for tablets. Simply use a tablet to display the stats live on your stream.
Show statistics with a single click on your dashboard.
Match the overlays of your stream scene with ease.

Observer Tool - Hero Stats

Preview hero stats in your dashboard before showing them on your stream.
Select from various stats, like GPM, XPM, Damage, support gold spent, etc.
Tablets are covered on your dashboard and will automatically switch to hero stats after the draft.
Show statistics with a single click on your dashboard.
Match the overlays to your streaming resolution with ease.

Observer Tool - Draft Panel COMING SOON

Automatically displays anything you need to successfully cast a game.
Include further data like Twitter handle without any issues.
Match the overlay of your stream scene with ease.
Works excellent for streams with delay.

Which events used streamdota?

ESL Meisterschaft 2020 Dota 2

We have created a custom branded vote system.
Additionally, we provide a Roshan timer, draft stats, and hero stats.

Fragster DotA 2 Showdown

We provided a Roshan timer and our vote system.

ACL Masters

We provided our vote system, Roshan timer, and other stats for ACL Masters.

"Schlag IVY"

We provided our vote system, Roshan timer, hero stats & chat questions over twitter.

For Business and Tournament Organizers

Our overlays offer a lot of sponsorship opportunities and require only minimal effort on our side

ESLM Dota 2 - Season 2 - Custom branded vote system

These streams already use streamdota


Some interesting facts about streamdota worth mentioning


Our whole system is free to use.
Currently, I have no intention of earning any money with this platform.


Security made simple. We do not store any data aside from public twitch profile data for user management. Every other data is not stored and only available until it has been processed.


We hate slow websites, so we always strive to enhance the speed and adjust any bottlenecks or slow code.


The whole project is open source. As we do not intend to earn any money, there is no reason to hide our sources. Maybe some other fabulous projects will be built on top! You can find everything on Github.

Community Driven

You have an idea or want something to be added? Feel free to discuss it with us on discord. We usually add reasonable ideas very fast to offer the best experience for you and your audience.


This is only a hobby project. We do not offer any high availability. In rare cases, a patch can even break our system. This should not happen at all, but there is no guarantee. That does not mean we do not care. We usually have a downtime of 15 minutes/month.

The Team

Founder Logo

Michael Ketzer

Founder & Developer of streamdota
I have started playing around 15 years ago and started developing and hosting 10 years ago. Although I stopped playing dota, I still like to build projects for it. I love to watch broadcasts, but I also enjoy it more with stats, interactions, and in-depth information. That's how I started developing a platform to upgrade dota 2 streaming quality for streamers.
Yep, I'm working alone on this!
However, special thanks to for providing ideas and helping to advertise the website.